Feb 5, 2024

How to get FBI background check while living in Korea?


Complete Fingerprinting

Visit a local police station or a fingerprinting service provider in Korea to have your fingerprints taken

Obtain Required Forms

Download and fill out the FBI Background Check application form (Form FD-1164). You can find this form on the official FBI website

Prepare a Cover Letter

Write a cover letter explaining the purpose of the background check, including details such as your name, date of birth, and the reason for requesting the check


Include a money order or cashier’s check payable to the “Treasury of the United States” with the appropriate fee. Check the FBI website for the current fee and payment instructions

Mail the Documents to the FBI

Send your completed fingerprint card, application form, cover letter, and payment to the FBI'S CJIS Division. The address can be found on the FBI website

Include a Return Envelope

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the FBI to return the background check results to you

Wait for Processing

Globeia can get your background check ready within 48 hours if you are a US citizen or green card holder. We can also expedite the processing time to less than 3 weeks for non-citizens

Receive the Background Check

Once processed, the FBI will mail the background check results to the address you provided