Feb 7, 2024

Fast track your FBI Background Check. Swipe to know how?


Understanding the FBI Background Check Process

FBI Background checks are typically requested for employment, licensing, and immigration purposes. Standard processing times vary but can take anywhere between a few weeks to a couple of months

Complete the Required Forms

Complete the necessary forms accurately. The FD-1164 Fingerprint Card is used for FBI background checks. You can download it online from the FBI website. Ensure all information is legible and correct.

Get Your Fingerprints Taken

Visit a local law enforcement agency for fingerprinting services. Many offer this for a nominal fee. Carry a valid government-issued ID for your appointment

Submit Application

Submit your application by mail or through an approved channeler. Make sure that your application package includes all required documents and the payment in full

Include a Cover Letter

Use the I-783 form to request your background check.

Follow Up

Follow up regularly to check on the status of your background check. Contact the FBI directly or through the channeller for updates. Provide any additional information promptly

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